Tuesday, March 10, 2009


WHOOSH!!! One water balloon missed me by inches. SPLASH!!!!!! Another one just fell in front of me and then the kid on the Balcony gave a loud shout... "PAPA GET THE WATER PISTOL, HE IS GETTING AWAY" and the dad came running out with the water pistol and I made a run for it.........

Happy holi everybody. This by far has to be the most vibrant festival of all. The small kids come out on their balconies with water balloons, the kids who are able to handle water pistols use them filled with colored water all the time. The bigger kids form gangs and take on kids from other colonies and fight for their survival. The people who just crossed their teens enjoy it to the fullest painting anyone and everyone who comes their way. The elders go to the houses of their relatives and friends to wish them.

Today you can go and put colors on people you know without anyone stopping you.

The Holi Drill:
1. Get up in the morning, check your messages, message every one you know a happy holi, get up and go wish your parents and family.
2. Look out of the balcony, if everything is still quite you still have time so go to loo and brush your teeth and have some sweets.
3. If you are a bollywood star then wear some chick white clothes and go gaga with others in a full on holi with herbal colors and have a blast playing your SUKHI(dry) holi.
4. If you are a normal person then wear some old torn clothes which you will never again wear in this life and apply a layer of oil on your body.
5. Again look outside your balcony, I am sure by now the streets will be a buzz and there will be colors everywhere.

What are you waiting for now, this is it, Go enjoy yourself and paint everything Red, green, blue, silver, golden etc. etc............
Happy Holi once again.......... celebrate the presence and importance of colors in our life.


toshna said...

nice one mukund.. i didnt know there was a writer hidden in a wild-child like you!! :).

Small Footprints said...

One of the wonderful things about the Internet is that people, from all over the world, have the opportunity to "meet" each other and learn from each other. I've just finished reading most of your posts ... you write so well. This one was lovely ... the image of people, happily celebrating color. I look forward to reading more about the people around you ... and your country!

Thank you for following Reduce Footprints. I'm following you, as well, and have added you to my blog roll!

Take Care!

Small Footprints