Saturday, March 7, 2009


The doctor asked the man," For how many years have you been married to your wife??"
The man replied," 2 years."
The doctor asked the man, " What is the age of your wife and how far has she studied??"
The man replied, " She is 19 years old and is 10th pass."
The doctor asked the man, " Why did you marry thrice?"
The doctor's looked towards the woman who was standing, her face blank and her eyes fixed on the floor........

It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. Such are the ways of our society that we do not put the woman in front even in our sayings. The woman is considered a support system, we expect them to compromise and make all the changes in their lives so that men can have their way and it is so forcefully embedded in their systems that they do it happily and take pride in it.

The man replied, "I married thrice cause the previous two dint give me a child"
To this the doctor asked, "Where are your other wives??"
The man replied, " They are living with their parents now."
The doctor asked, " Are you divorced??"
The doctor's eyes again went towards the woman, she was still standing staring blankly at the floor................

A woman is called a homemaker for it is due to her presence in the house that we get proper cooked food and we get a clean house. She is the one who takes care of the children. Even then we forget that what use would be the bread that we earn if its not cooked properly. The bottomline is, thanks to her sanity prevails.....
It is sad that even now you hear stories about sex- selective abortion and female infanticide, it is sad that still we hear stories about child marriage, it is sad that woman are still not educated well enough, it is sad when a woman, sexually abused is boycotted by all family and friends and has to find refuge else where and even worse is the fact that there are still women who have given in and given up, they accept their fate and themselves don't do anything about it.

The man replied, "No"
The doctor asked, "Have you come for this check up before??"
The man replied, "No"
The doctor asked, "Why??"
The doctor looked at the woman standing next to him, her eyes still fixed blankly on the floor.........

It is funny how woman today have to ask for reservations for themselves in the legislative assemblies and for govt. jobs even though we all are supposed to have the same rights. Still there are people who look down upon them. There are still people who think that a woman's job is to stay at home and she is not fit to work in offices like men.

The old woman sitting next to the man replied, " हमारे बेटे के साथ कोई गड़बड़ नहीं है, इसकी तो किस्मत ही ख़राब है, हमारी कोई भी बहु बच्चा ही पैदा नहीं कर सकती " (my child has no problem in his system and it is his bad luck only that none of his wives have been able to conceive)

The doctor looked at the woman who was standing, she was still staring at the floor, her eyes brimming with tears and still none falling from them.........


rae said...

This is a very thoughtful and very touching story. We can't change the society nor can we change the deep rooted traditional customs, but we can change ourselves and the way we see and interpret things around us.

You are doing fine. Stay that way.

Thanks for your support too.

Kaddu said...

This reminds me... one of my very old & very close school friends was made to have an abortion 'coz the first child they had was a girl & then she conceived another girl the second time around too (as per the tests)! And her in-laws wanted a male child! Now obviously, abortion being illegal, they had to get it done in sone out of the way hospital... not very safe right! Now she's not able to conceive again after that.... it's been more than 3 years! Such is life....

Punk Princess said...

Very true.
And the women are so conditioned that they judge themselves through the eyes of men.
The only consolation is that change has heralded and we need to give it time. :)

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