Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its Raining...

3 Kicks So Far
The first thing that comes to my mind whenever it’s raining is the famous Rain Man Problem in physics. Man it was so damn hard to find the relative velocity of the drops falling from the top when the man is walking in east or west direction. To make it worse they used to change the angle of the raindrops falling on the man and then made the man run. The result, well the faster you run the wetter you will be, then again you will be able to get to the shelter faster. That is only if you are looking for a shelter. If your soul purpose is to get wet you can run, walk or just stand, it doesn't matter.

It is only because of this problem that I try and run towards my car every time it rains :)

It’s fun to take a walk when it’s raining. People running around, trying to find a shelter to avoid the downpour, staring at you as if you were completely nuts. Those people don't really know what they are missing. I mean I know its acid rain and with the pollution and everything it just makes it worse, but then again it’s Rain. As kids you used to love getting drenched and make your mom run after you. Rains are always associated with fond memories (though mine is a little weird). Somehow it always brings a smile and a lousy physics problem that I might never be able to understand completely.

Speaking of physics, I will never understand why Newton (of the three laws of motion fame) thought of gravity only well the apple fell on his head. He would have discovered gravity long back if he had paid closer attention to the rain drops falling to the ground. Then again like common sense is not very common, things that are obvious are often overlooked.