Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to make use of a Traffic Jam and What Google is missing

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It rains for a day and the whole of Delhi Stops. Who so ever said time never stops should have come to Delhi on a rainy day. I had a similar opportunity yesterday and was stuck in a jam for 2 whole hours on a route which normally would take me around half an hour. But this jam was not bad, it was like sitting on a toilet seat, by the way who so ever said that the best ideas come to you in a bathroom was absolutely right. Anyways, back to the jam. I was able to compile a list of things that you can do in a jam:

Write/Think about a new Blog Post: This is actually something that I did, yes people the blog post you see is freshly baked out of a traffic jam. Since you are stuck anyways and have your laptop with you, just write a new post. No longer will you be able to complain about not having time to write, cause really in a jam the only thing you have in your hands is time.

Give the wheel to a novice driver: This might be the best way to teach someone how to drive plus you get to relax on the next seat. But seriously leave a new driver in Delhi's Traffic and he will come back enlightened, you cannot find a better teacher.

Break the rut: I am sure you all must be feeling really bored of listening to same abuses day and night. The people shouting MC and BC around you are just too many. So, just switch off the A.C. and roll down the windows and there you go. You will have a new set of abuses right there tailor made for you, by the people and for the people.

Think about what Google is Missing: A Google Search for my HouseAs I said being stuck in a traffic jam is like sitting on a toilet seat, you get the best ideas. So, here is my suggestion to google: Build a Search Engine which has the capabilities of telling me where my things are lying around the house, because as the clothes and the books pile up at every other corner of my room, it is seriously becoming difficult for me to find things.

Well even though the Jam continuous I think my stop has come. By the way it will take another half an hour for me to park... but that's a story we will keep for some other time...