Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reality.... Bites

5 Kicks So Far
Hey people... Hope you all are doing great...

Life has been busy for me, that also means that I have become more lazy as I just pass any free time that I get just being myself i.e. a guy who loves to sleep, eat and sleep.

Being young is good. For a very simple reason that you are just so far away from reality, you still don't know what each day might bring and you have still not joined the brigade of the brightest minds on the face of this earth walking on a straight line which has been made for them by the ones who have walked on it before, which in turn was laid in front of them by the thousands who had walked on it before them. Yes, I am still not a part of that brigade... in fact I would always want to remain this way. Thats the dream really... but lets see where life takes me... I am still not that old.

Nothing much is happening. I am trying to face all the challenges a newbie faces in the corporate world. At times you spend so much time in front of the computer that the very name of internet or laptop turns you pale. At times you fight with yourself to get up and drag yourself to office. At times you fight with yourself to do what you should do rather than what you want to do.

But you still get up everyday and feel that you can make a difference. You still try and dress yourself in a way that you feel that you are out there with a purpose. You still hold firmly a smile on your face everyday.

The best part I have to say is the fact that you still feel excited when you complete your goals and you still get motivated to do things better and try harder.

I might be immature and far away from reality and...

Yes Reality... bites and bites really hard and can tear you apart but it is not being real that often holds you together and gives you reason to have a smile...