Sunday, December 16, 2012


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Like a dream she comes dressed in light
Like the mesmerizing fog on a wintery night
She stares at you with a beaming gaze
With a brisk smile she, mends the fractured faith

Like a dream she comes close to me
And paints a picture I could never see
Writes a verse I have never heard
And sings a song I have never hummed

Like a dream she comes to say
Spread your arms and embrace a new day
Stare at sun with your eyes open
Dare to dream a dream that cannot be broken

Like a dream she comes and leaves
Waking me up with smiles and dreams
Inspiring me to win the battles fought
She comes and leaves like a beautiful thought

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For The One He loved

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Unfazed by what I had asked, he stood there for a while

My arm in one hand and a gun in the other, He shot him with a smile

The body lying there, silent, cold and unmoving

He stared at it holding my hand, smiling

He knelt down to the body and whispered to it

It’s happened, I told you, and I won

It will happen again, voice came from the body, I will come back, we are not done

He got up ready to leave, till we meet again then, he said

The time will come soon, replied the body, I will not always remain dead

It was that day when my wish came true and his died

I looked at the cycle he had bought me unaware of the body lying by my side

Then one day the cycle broke and it came back from the dead

He looked at me with a smile, it’s ok, I love you my son, taking out his gun he said

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look Around, You Buffoon

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Ask a tree and he will tell you
Some things you should never tow
They leave me every year and every year they are born new
Its nature you buffoon, just ask the moon

I grow for 14 and die the next 14
Longing for a day of dark to enjoy a day of light
Losing or winning? I don’t have time for such a fight
It’s worthless to be part of such a fray
Its  nature you buffoon, if you don't believe me ask the day

A few hours of life and the long sleep of the night
So many lives to see, so many ties to break
Happens to me every time- the sea, the trees, you and the moon
Learn to let go, its nature you buffoon

Let me tell you the most important lesson of it all, he said
The joy of new ones would be lost, If I held every leaf that was dead
You will always find a bond, remember its Easy Come and Easy Go
Its nature you buffoon, some things you should never tow

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Last One Standing

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The one that had won all and was meant to lead the way
The one that went astray
Some say he is present all around
And yet Love was nowhere to be found

Gliding like a snake, he instills fear
Lives far away but appears to be so near
Treacherous and malicious, adulterous he was
Betrayal was in his nature, luck never understood laws

Born and raised amidst joy and love
Beloved daughters of the heavens above
No black or white, they chose shades of grey
Friendship, fate and Faith turned their backs and simply walked away

Love, luck, friendship, fate and faith, he fought them hard and dirty
He fought, failed, fell and got up; hungry and thirsty
He crawled and clawed, was battered but brawled in situations trying
Drenched in the blood of his foes his Will was the Last One Standing

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Middle of Nowhere...

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Have you ever been there, in the middle of nowhere…

There, where the grounds are covered with winter snow and the trees carry brand new spring leaves

Where, your mind, blurs the past from your memories, and a future in your eyes, it weaves

There, where the worlds both black and white become pointless

The white harsh sun, the clouds grey paint a rainbow

Have you ever been there, in the middle of nowhere…

That place where forward and rewind mean the same

And there is no place for fortune or fame

Where the noise of the sea waves meets the serenity of the vast oceans

Where your feelings are so great that they bring a sudden numbness to your emotions

That place where the heart is filled with joy and the eyes are filled with tears

Right there between an outburst and an absolute blank

Right there… in the middle of nowhere…

Friday, June 29, 2012

Keeping Faith

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I am a night and you are my sunshine….

I walk this earth, through the crowd

Through the jungles old and new - of concrete and trees

Through animals old and new - evolved and evolving

Silent… blank… talking through you

Lost in thought, never asleep, I live through you

I have no voice but the noise you make

I have no light but the flashes you create

You are my day, you are my night

I feel joy in your shimmers short lived

I am a night and you are my sunshine…

And even though I grow darker with every ray that passes through me I still want to touch as many rays as I can before my dawn comes

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's a Selfish World

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The walls red, blood everywhere, you slither in a dark deep corner

Amidst the cries of god and fate

The noises created by crime and hate

You jeer watching the world tear, divided in greed and jealousy

Standing as one, the best of friends, Kith and Kin, you even smile in their misery

The walls red, blood everywhere, you slither in a dark deep corner

You smirk watching people fall apart and come together

In the goriest of places, quiet and waiting, ready to strike- you viper

Oh love, You Devil You