Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Last One Standing

The one that had won all and was meant to lead the way
The one that went astray
Some say he is present all around
And yet Love was nowhere to be found

Gliding like a snake, he instills fear
Lives far away but appears to be so near
Treacherous and malicious, adulterous he was
Betrayal was in his nature, luck never understood laws

Born and raised amidst joy and love
Beloved daughters of the heavens above
No black or white, they chose shades of grey
Friendship, fate and Faith turned their backs and simply walked away

Love, luck, friendship, fate and faith, he fought them hard and dirty
He fought, failed, fell and got up; hungry and thirsty
He crawled and clawed, was battered but brawled in situations trying
Drenched in the blood of his foes his Will was the Last One Standing

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