Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look Around, You Buffoon

Ask a tree and he will tell you
Some things you should never tow
They leave me every year and every year they are born new
Its nature you buffoon, just ask the moon

I grow for 14 and die the next 14
Longing for a day of dark to enjoy a day of light
Losing or winning? I don’t have time for such a fight
It’s worthless to be part of such a fray
Its  nature you buffoon, if you don't believe me ask the day

A few hours of life and the long sleep of the night
So many lives to see, so many ties to break
Happens to me every time- the sea, the trees, you and the moon
Learn to let go, its nature you buffoon

Let me tell you the most important lesson of it all, he said
The joy of new ones would be lost, If I held every leaf that was dead
You will always find a bond, remember its Easy Come and Easy Go
Its nature you buffoon, some things you should never tow

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