Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For The One He loved

Unfazed by what I had asked, he stood there for a while

My arm in one hand and a gun in the other, He shot him with a smile

The body lying there, silent, cold and unmoving

He stared at it holding my hand, smiling

He knelt down to the body and whispered to it

It’s happened, I told you, and I won

It will happen again, voice came from the body, I will come back, we are not done

He got up ready to leave, till we meet again then, he said

The time will come soon, replied the body, I will not always remain dead

It was that day when my wish came true and his died

I looked at the cycle he had bought me unaware of the body lying by my side

Then one day the cycle broke and it came back from the dead

He looked at me with a smile, it’s ok, I love you my son, taking out his gun he said

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