Saturday, February 28, 2009


Frankly I am a big cricket buff like most of the Indians and just love watching any form of cricket. We in India have a lot of expectations from our cricket team specially with this highly talked about Dhoni's young Indian cricket team. We just loved it when they won the T 20 world cup, destroyed the almighty Australian team, humiliated the English team and demolished the Srilankan team. We love to watch them thrash any team no matter how good or bad. But the last two T 20 matches of India against New Zealand were pretty disappointing. The T 20 champions against the not so talked about New Zealand team which was already written off by most of us here.

After the chivalrous batting stints of the Indian batsmen in the first T 20 match against the never say die New Zealand team India lost continuing there 40 years of bad run through dismal performances in New Zealand. It was time for the second match. Again India was suppose to have the edge being the world champions and a young confident side trying to become the no. 1 team in the world.

India was batting first and to it was no surprise that they were off to a flying start, but again lost their way and arguably the best batting team in the world just failed to keep up the scoring, which, you might say was due to some up to the mark bowling although I am not sure if it makes a difference where you ball in a 20 over game.

While the Indian batsmen struggled to stay at the wicket Brandon McCullum just kept on batting right through the 20 overs. The match by the way was none the less a very exciting one and again Dhoni used his bowlers in an intelligent manner putting the breaks at the right time which saw the match becoming an edge of the seat game of T 20 cricket. Well that is the nature of T 20 one might say.

New Zealand cricket team has to be the most underrated team in the international scenario but still manages to pull of some amazing performances. Its just amazing to watch them play as they might be low profile players but have always been the team which plays with a lot of heart.

And after the T 20 loss as expected there will be a lot of criticism for the players and the absolutely bugging 1 hour programs about how India managed to lose a match being the T 20 champions that they are. These programs if you by any chance watch will make you reach a point where you will want to strangle yourself to death. The media will just stretch it on for long excruciating hours till you just blankly stare at your screens in sort of a trans. Sometimes you wonder as to what role does the media want to play in the country of 1.15 billion people with each ones emotions running high.
I do not understand how a team which is supposed to be on its way to become the best team in the world will some how for a brief period of time only becomes a team full of flaws. That is of course till we win our next match and when we do, there will be once again 1 hour programs singing praises about our victory, but don't worry they will make you feel and react the same way the ones before did.
Well we curse them on their defeats and we put them on the top of this world when they win. This is how things work here, hell we watch cricket as if our lives depend on it and no matter what the ICC rankings say India is the best team in the world and ya Tendulkar is the God of cricket.

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Anonymous said...

well a desent attempt and I agree with your take on the delusioning role of the media,probably u could make a topic out of it.
Kudos to you.