Friday, April 12, 2013


We met me and her in a dark deep alley

She looked like a book I had long back read

"Just a few more steps" came her voice

She drew closer with my every breath

She looked heavenly, her face had a bewildering glow

My thoughts stopped at her serene eyes, looking at me, stemming the flow

A blank struck me as she took my hand and pointed in a direction

I looked at her skeptical, out of thoughts, incapable of any discretion 

She came closer and with an embrace she whispered "don't worry this is the right step"

My name is Hope and I am here to help

Hope: At times false, easily lost, twisted, evil, a true destroyer and a relentless tormentor. Yet hope I must, for hope might be the only one who will keep coming back to me no matter where I am. Hope I must, for hope will guide me through these wretched times. Hope I must, for hope alone gives me the strength to face the morning sun and to live for moments that bring happiness.

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