Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Remember the shoe incident, well, it happened again this time on a normal candidate and guess who threw the shoe- a teacher who I think was super drunk. Also recently on my idiot box there was a piece of news showing people practicing shoe throwing on a dummy, trying to improve their throwing arm and aim. OMG!!!! right??

Moving on, another party released their manifesto (for all my good friends from other countries hold on to your chairs, in India we have already laughed our hearts out at this). The party's manifesto says that if they come into power they will abolish English medium schools, they will ban computers and (this you got to hear) they will take out all the modern machines used for agricultural purposes. You must be thinking, " You got to be kidding me". Well, I am not kidding and even though funny, this is not a joke.

The fun is not over yet, why they have said what they have said is because they think computer has increased unemployment and because of people passing from English medium, the ones passing from the mediums in regional languages are not at the same level (It is really amazing how uneducated people talk about education reforms). So, what they really mean to say is that two things that India is good at (IT and English) will be banned and we will not be able to compete with this world but definitely compete against one another. Good going, we now have one more reason to differentiate each other as if castes and religions were not enough.

So, In the end I would like to say this to,

The Drunk teacher: Way to go dude. I recently read this on a T-shirt "Reality is just an illusion caused due to lack of alcohol" not in your case though.
The people practicing shoe throwing: Thanks for taking my advice (refer- Entertainment Unlimited!!!- part 1)
The party with the manifesto: I think you are the ones feeling left out due to lack of education and if you really want to try and bring everyone at the same level provide English education to everyone. Raise the bar and not lower it.


Anonymous said...

haha shoes. that's so absurd.

yeah, computers can create unemployment, but you still have to have people there to make sure the computers are working right!! and yeah, there's no reason to make people compete against each other more than they already do

Navadeep said...

ya i heard that crap too....and actually you are right,these people never had any education(especially in english) and have not even dared to approach a computer...1 thing i do not did the Election Commission even allow them to make such a nonsense speech... i mean what kind of a person can say that and even hope that people would buy that and inturn vote for the party....